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Custom Furniture Solutions

Create a space with seamless style and functionality with Table Logix Furniture Solutions.

Made in the USA


Table Logix products are made in the USA by talented and experienced employees. Table Logix facilities are based in Evansville, Indiana with the parent company, FCI Companies, based in the Indianapolis area. 

We come alongside you on your project to deliver exceptional customer service and furniture products. Whether you come to us with a roughly sketched idea or bring us professionally drawn designs to replicate, we can meet you where you are to learn your project goals and expectations and complete your project successfully. 

By choosing to work with a furniture manufacturer that makes their products in the USA, like Table Logix, you will experience fewer supply chain issues, better costs, faster response times, tighter control of project schedules, higher quality products, and much more. Table Logix is a part of FCI Companies, which leverages the power of vertical integration.

Built to Order

Table Logix values quality products and creates furniture with a perfect, custom fit for every project. Some spaces are tough to find furniture at standard prices that’s why our team of experienced engineers works to modify our standard line of products to fit your space precisely.

Whether you need a wider booth, specific fabric, longer table, or something else, we are equipped for the challenge.

Table Logix

10245 Hedden Rd.

Evansville, IN 47725

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